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To apply for a Canadian work permit, the applicant needs an Labour Market Impact Assessment, (LMIA). However, there are some exceptions to this rule.


Free-trade agreement.

This category issues Canadian Work Permits for investors, traders, business visitors and other professionals that are subject to the Free Trade Agreement.

Category for Professionals and Technicians.

Professionals and Technicians may be eligible for an LMIA-exempt work permit if they meet the following requirement:

Poseer varios años de experiencia labora

They have some years of work experience related to the position to be performed in Canada.

Entrepreneurs/candidates who are self-employed and want to run a business.

Private entrepreneurs who want to run a business in Canada may be eligible for a work permit except of LMIA if they meet the following requirements:

Trabajadores felices del café

Must have sole or majority ownership in the company.

Pago en proceso

Companies must make their contribution to the economy of Canada.

Empresa familiar local

Must prove that the work performed in Canada will be temporary.

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