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Permanent Residence Program

We offer a complete consultancy in the process to obtain a Permanent Residence to Portugal and USA.

Work and study programs

We offer a complete consultancy in work and study permit procedures to the following destinations: USA, Ireland, Germany, Australia and Dubai.

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Study English and Work in most of these destinations.

There are not economic solvency requirement for most of the applicants of Australia and Dubai.

Portugal: HQA Visa

  • It is an Investor-Entrepreneur visa where the applicant to launch and provide strategic direction (invest) to a business in Portugal

  • Fast processing of D3 Visa in 30 days

  • Fast processing of Residence permit in 2-4 week decision

  • No performance requirements for the business

  • Flexible minimum days in country per year

  • Family Reunification for children and parents.

  • Ten-year tax moratorium.  No tax on foreign earned income for ten years.

  • 175,000 Euro cost to applicant- no extra or ongoing fees.

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USA: US EB2 NIW Startup Investor Program


The EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Startup Investor Program is a fast track program for accomplished businesspeople that will provide a Green Card (unconditional residency status) in the United States for the investor and their family members.

In order to qualify for our US program people must fit the following criteria:

• Must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree
• Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience directly related to their bachelor's degree
• Must have documented business success either as an entrepreneur or as a high level business executive


  • The EB2 Startup Investor Program will provide a Green Card (unconditional permanent residence status) in the USA for the investor and family members.

  • Family members can include a spouse and any children under 21 years of age.

  • It provides the right to live, work, and study in the USA.

  • There is no language requirement.

  • Extremely fast processing time compared to other programs.

  • The pathway to United States citizenship is after just 5 years of residence.



The process is very simple. The program is initially passive. You must make an investment of at least $300,000 USD, of which part is invested in Research & Development in a domain in which you have expertise. We will assist you in determining a domain in which you would like to innovate within, as well as coordinate your R&D plan including a partnership with a leading research entity. Empowered Startups will act as your business incubator and liaison for all R&D work.

Your program fee is only charged and the plan initiated once your application is successful. You have a 100% refund guarantee!

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