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Is it a good idea to live in Canada illegally?

Canada, unlike many other countries, doesn’t have many undocumented immigrants. However, today many people have tried to enter Canada illegally, or have simply traveled to the country legitimately, and after their visiting time has expired, they decide to remain there. But is it a good idea? Throughout this review we will tell you about the consequences of illegal residency in Canada.

The number of people who entered Canada illegally increased in the last three years, however, many of the people who immigrated to the country did so with the aim of applying to a humanitarian or refugee program.

In Canada, the situation of illegal immigrants is not as normalized as in other parts of the world. For example, in countries like the United States, a person without immigration status can have bank accounts, a driver's license, enjoy social services, opportunities to get a job ... and much more. In Canada, many of these options are limited.

Canada is the dream destination of millions of immigrants, and stands out worldwide for the great opportunities it offers to all foreigners who wish to reside in the country, providing benefits at a social, medical, student, work, family level ... and a lot more. However, for illegal immigrants, the options are restricted:

  • Immigrant will earn much less than the established minimum wage. Similarly, it is likely that you will not enjoy timely payments and common benefits, since, being undocumented in the country, you cannot make any type of complaint or claim.

  • Job options are limited and include jobs that require a considerable level of effort, since large companies do not accept undocumented people.

What is Recommended for an Undocumented Immigrant in Canada?

If you are in Canada illegally, you should evaluate what options you might have to regularize your status.

Remember that Canada offers great immigration opportunities for foreigners who wish to reside in the country. You can consider:

  • Apply to a refugee procedure.

  • Immigrate for humanitarian reasons.

  • Work permit.

  • Job offer.

Don’t trust unrealistic offers that promise to regularize your immigration status in the country in exchange for thousands of dollars. At Canvisas we are ready to help you. We evaluate your profile and advise you with the aim of defining the best solution for you.

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