Family Sponsorship Program Canada

Canada believes in reunification of families. That’s why, it has introduced various Canadian immigration laws. The government places emphasis on the importance of family unity and values. At CANVISAS, our certified immigration consultants in Edmonton will help you sponsor your family to come to Canada. An individual can sponsor his/her spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, dependent children or parents and grandparents to come to Canada permanently.

Those who are living in Quebec and want to sponsor their families will have to apply through the Quebec Family Class Program. For more information, you can contact to us.

Family Sponsorship Canada

Following is a summary of different family members that may be sponsored under the Family Class Sponsorship Program:

Spousal Sponsorship – Married couples, common-law partners and conjugal partners are included in this category.

Parent & Grandparent Sponsorship – Canadian citizens or permanent immigrants can sponsor their parents or grandparents to help them visit and stay in Canada.

Dependent Child Sponsorship & Other Sponsorship – Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their dependent children to reside with them in Canada.

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa – As a permanent resident of Canada, you may be eligible to sponsor your parent or grandparent under Super visa which allows them to stay in Canada for up to 2 years.

Who can be a sponsor?

Only Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents are allowed to sponsor family class members who want to stay in Canada. The sponsor and sponsored must sign an agreement certifying that they understand each other’s responsibilities and obligations. The sponsor must sign a contract confirming that he/she promises to take care of all the expenses of the sponsored.

Two-Step process

The family class sponsorship program can be broken down into two main steps which must be followed in the order described below:

  • The sponsor must submit their sponsorship application;
    This application must be initiated by the sponsor. Sponsor’s eligibility will be assessed and after getting approval through a separate application, an individual can become a sponsor.
  • The foreign national must submit their application for permanent residency.
    Foreign national initiate this application who want to come to Canada as a permanent resident. The foreign national needs to meet certain requirements to qualify under the family class program.

Why Choose Us?

At CANVISAS, we make sure that the assessment of your family sponsorship case is accurate and complete. Our certified immigration consultants in Edmonton will handle your needs from beginning to end so that you can have a smooth transition.