Common Mistakes When Applying for Permanent Residence

Author: Thairi Kahoiti | | Categories: express entry , family sponsorship , Immigration Consultant Edmonton , LMIA , Permanent Visa , Provincial Nominee Program , Refugee Claim , Spousal Sponsorship , Study Permit , Work Permit


Numerous benefits and an improved standard of living has led roughly millions of immigrants to relocate to Canada. With a permanent residence (PR) card, applicants can reside, study and work here permanently. There are two options to obtain a PR card, either do the process by themselves or through an authorized immigration consultant. 

However, with several intricacies in the immigration procedure, it’s best to hire an immigration expert to help minimize various mistakes. To help clients avoid basic errors that could prove costly, Canvisa has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when applying for permanent residence. 

1. Not exploring all the permanent resident option
Skilled and qualified candidates who are eligible to acquire permanent residency, often make mistakes by not exploring all alternatives. There are more than fifty options that can help them qualify in getting permanent residence card.

2. Only considering the express entry process
Most customers only think about the online express entry process as it takes less time to process the PR card. However, there are several instances where technical glitches have created incomplete form filing resulting in numerous cases being closed or refused.

3. Entering incorrect information
Another common error that applicants make is by entering either wrong or insufficient information in the government form. The immigration format can be confusing, and it’s crucial that every detail entered must be reviewed carefully before submitting to avoid getting the process delayed or worse, rejected.

4. Submitting the wrong forms
There are several forms available to obtain permanent residency. Applicants must pick out the most appropriate form that fits their requirements to avoid unnecessary spending on fees.

To help customers avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Canvisas. With ten years of experience in both Canadian immigration and Human Resources, we are confident in providing our clients with expertise in immigration services. 

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