Looking to Immigrate, Visit, Work, or Study in Canada?

CANVISAS offers a wide range of services for persons wanting to permanently or temporarily reside in Canada, whether they are living overseas or already in Canada as a visitor, student, or temporary foreign worker.

CANVISAS provides knowledgeable assistance in all of the following categories.

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The Canadian government demands that individuals from several countries first acquire a temporary visa before being permitted entry to Canada; whether those persons are intending to enter Canada for the purpose of studying, working, or just visiting/touring Canada.

WORK PERMITS & VISAS (if applicable):

The Canadian economy currently demands more work force personnel than the population of Canadian citizens or permanent residents can supply. There is a need to employ temporary foreign workers to meet the labor demands in many business sectors. Currently Immigration Canada is permitting persons to enter Canada on work visas to fill labor shortages.

In most situations persons will require a job offer, with the prospective employer needing a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (permission to hire foreign workers, issued by a Canadian government department). There are only a few exceptions to this rule (i.e. NAFTA, CCFTA, Business Visitor, etc), therefore nearly all applicants for a work permit will first require a genuine job offer from a qualified Canadian employer.

As employers understand the need to look overseas for staff to meet their business demands, they will most definitely consider applications submitted from foreign workers. There are easy methods available to search various company job postings, or employers’ advertising, of employment opportunities available.

STUDY PERMITS & VISAS (if applicable):

Canada’s Secondary and Post-Secondary education systems are highly ranked and recognized world-wide. Each province in Canada has excellent colleges and universities to meet your education goals. If it is your intent to study in Canada, there are simplified methods of obtaining a Student Visa. Before applying for a visa you will require a “letter of acceptance” from the educational institute you wish to attend. Once you have a conditional acceptance to the institute, Canvisas can assist with your application for the necessary Study Permit and, if necessary, a student visa.


Canada is a beautiful country spanning from the west to the east coasts of North America; from the Pacific ocean on the west, to the Atlantic ocean on the east. There are majestic mountains, prairie ranch and grain lands, lovely lake areas, snow covered ice-lands, beautiful cities, and scenic coastal areas; widely varied landscapes spanning ten provinces and two northern territories. People visiting Canada for the first time are overwhelmed by Canada’s vast open land, yet a country with so much to offer.


There are different programs available for people that want to immigrate to Canada permanently. CANVISAS can help you determine which program is best for you and guide you through the application process.


For corporations finding it necessary to hire foreign workers in order to sufficiently staff their businesses, CANVISAS is able to provide a comprehensive service which includes the following procedures:

Applications for positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Confirmations through ESDC Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) unit, for all job classifications requiring an LMIA, including advertisement postings compliant with current Service Canada specifications

Applications for Immigration Work Visas / Work Permits in accordance with requirements for the job position and the countries of citizenship of the prospective employees

Directives for foreign workers regarding Canadian entry requirements and post-entry provisions

Applications for work permit extensions (or change of terms) for employees working in Canada